Student Life - Stella Mary's CBSE School

Morning Assembly

Keeping in mind our aim to develop holistic education, we have designed the morning assembly in such a way that it helps the students to develop their spiritual, moral, social and soft skills. Each house is assigned a week to orate ,enact , recite and conduct a quiz on a particular theme along with the regular activities like Proverb, Thought for the day, Thirukural, Hindi doha, News reading, Birthday wishes etc. We believe that by giving such responsibilities and opportunities, we can build their confidence and eventually help them combatstage fear there by constructing their self-assurance to face any future challenges .


Weekend Project

Students will be given a project every Wednesday.Projects help in theme based learning. They do so by combining two or more academic subjects which are otherwise thought of as distinct .Projects have to be submitted on Tuesday making sure children use their weekends productively. This also helps our children to develop creativity .We motivate our students by appreciating the participants individually in the assembly and by displaying their creativity /projects on the notice board.

House System

The students are divided into four houses names after four stars (Spica, Betalib, Nebula, Capella). The system of different houses aims at encouraging ownership, leadership, traits faster team spirit by conducting competitions. Grading Points are given to each house based on their performance, preparation and disciplinary note. These practices develop students skills, their role in a team and important of team work and team build.


Educational Trips

Students of STELLA MARY'S are not only confined within the school activities , but they also learn from outside world through field trips and educational trips.

Co-Curricular Activities(CCA)

Co-Curricular Activitieswhich is happening on every Monday is certainly helping the student to make their mind spirit and spontaneous it helps in building life skills. The activity are planned well in advance facilitating students to prepare for the activity. Students participate with great enthusiasm and find it exciting thus preparing them for a world of tomorrow.


Sports is very essential part of the students activity in the campus .These activities help in personality development and helps the student to be physically fit and mentally strong .Our students are trained in both indoor and outdoor games.


Newspaper in Education (NIE)

Newspaper in Education is a valuable program ,itinclined to develop the student’s skill , talents and knowledge overall .The Hindu newspaper being issued this academic year will not only help in fulfilling the quest for knowledge but will also help to kindle interest in our students, there by developing a scope for quality reading.

Competitive Exams

Ascent Competitive Exam ,Great Mind Talent Exam ,BY JU’S Aptitude Exam conducted each year in our school are highly beneficial to students ,teachers and parents for assessing the growth and development of skills .The school has taken special measures to train the participants to achieve various awards and special scholar ship.


All national festivals like Independent day ,Republic day are celebrated and festivals like Pongal, Christmas, Mukarram, Krishna Jayanthi, Diwali, New Yearetc are celebrated each year inculcating the idea of oneness in our country of diversity. Annual Day and Sports Day is the stage for all the childrento exhibit their talents and entertain the audience.