Facilities - Stella Mary's CBSE School

Calendar Activities

Events like Annual Day and Sports Day are held each year as showcase events for students to show their talent in sports related and co-curricular related activities.

Students from all four Houses participate in these activities, and go on to compete against each other for the highest award; which in turn builds their character, their sense of camaraderie and gives them a hunger to win for collective pride.

Safety and Security

Safety of our students is very important to us. We strive to make each and every student feel safe within the premises, and the parents feel secure about their child's whereabouts.

Besides traditional security guards, we have installed sixteen CCTV cameras within the school, to provide that extra layer of safety. We also carefully scrutinise the backgrounds of each member of staff and working personnel who come into direct or indirect contact with students.

Natural Sunlight & Indoor Environment Quality

We know the health benefits of exposing our students to the natural rays of the sun, which is why the architectural structure of our campus is such that it is flooded with natural sunlight throughout the day. LED lights, a resource efficient option, are used only when this natural light dims or is short in supply.

The environment within the premises is also an important factor in the healthy development of students. Our building is designed to ensure high indoor air quality, the correct temperature, adequate lighting and proper ventilation. We have carefully selected building materials in order to complement each of these requirements for the highest benefit to our students.

Physical Health

We have taken special care to promote physical activity among students while they are on the campus, which can boost their health. Walkable environments within and outside the campus connect students to green spaces and therapeutic landscapes which encourage physical activity and potentially reduces absenteeism due to ill health.

Transport Facilities

Bus Policy and Guide Lines

All our school buses satisfy the school transportation rules created by the government of Tamil Nadu.

We have installed GPS. (Global positioning system) to provide real-time updates to the school authorities about the students location.

We have a Transport Co-ordinator who can be reach by phone at all times during student travel times to and from school (7402707782, 9489867048).

We have an attendant/ Nannies escort on the bus at all times.

Children should be ready and waiting at their stops five minutes before pickup time.

Information to be given to the attendant or nannies on the bus if your child is not attending school.

Any changes in pickup/ drop off venue should be intimated to the office (In writing) . The office will then inform to the bus driver of the change.

The buses cannot provide door to door services, as this increases the time spend commuting to and from school.

Students are expected to maintain proper decorum in the bus.
The following are the bus rules. Students should ,

Remain seated.

Keep noise level low.

Not stick hands or head out of the window

Not be rude to people on the road

Not eat in the bus

One should be prepared to follow the regulations pertaining to it and also be prepared to accept any one of the pickup points/ dropping points which falls in the routes fixed by the transport department.

The privately run vehicles /buses /vans are not under jurisdiction of the school.

Please do not use unauthorized vehicles for your children. In case parents use it for their convenience that is entirely their responsibility.

Please do not drop off your children to school on bikes without helmets.


The school library is open to all students .The library has an extensive collection of books, periodicals and newspapers that cater to all age groups in the school.Currently we have subscriptions of periodicals( Magazines, Newspaper , Journal's).The library has a collection of more than 5000 books covering various categories, Languages and subjects.


Please observe the following Library rules strictly:

The library is a "Silence Zone". Students have to maintain silence strictly in the library.

Reference books cannot be borrowed and must be used only in the library.

A borrowed book must be returned to the library within 14 days from the date of issue.

Students are not allowed to enter the library with food ,water,bags and other personal items.

Students cannot take books out of the library without the permission of the librarian and if found so a hefty fine will be imposed.

Books lost/damaged/disfigured will have to be replaced or paid for by the borrower.

Each student has to check the library without the permission of the librarian, before taking the book out.

It is mandatory for students to return the books before the long holidays.


We offer fully equipped and spacious science laboratories in adherence with CBSE safety guide lines.

Laboratories are designed with modern equipment,updated jars and specimen to ensure better learning out comes.

Pre -Planned curriculum based on CBSE syllabus is used to provide student with a more hands on experience.


Our computer laboratory with numerous computers each updated windows 7 gives each student adequate hands on experience. Current software's are Adobe Flash Player, HTML, Microsoft office, QBASIC, LOGO. Specially trained faculties monitor and conduct regular classes based on CBSE curriculum and provides students the opportunity of learning through various school project and co-curricular requirements. All computers have internet access.

Extra Circular Activities

Important is given to instill ethical values for harmonious development of the individuality of the students hence the school has made arrangements for extra circular activities that happens every Monday at our school campus Archery ,Yoga ,Silampam, Skating, Classical, Chess, Music, Teakwando. These activities provide forum for the growth of students tapping their creativity talent and energy in to novel and meaningful achievers.


Stella Marys uses a software tool called CPLAZE school management,this system works on mobile technology, and enable SMS sending to the parents from the school effectively. Reminders about important events in school, fee payment date, exam schedules are sent .It enables quick interaction between parents, children, the school management and teachers.


Stella Marys is six acres 52 cent of land in pristine surroundings, is the result of deliberations and planning on every aspects to create a world class CBSE school. The school endeavours to be a symbol of the new generations school. The campus is a synthesis of an architectural model and technological advancements for the smooth and quality administrations and transparent functioning of the school. The atmosphere is rich with the sense of commitment and shared goals. It is an environment which stimulates confidence integrating and critical thought, to harmless creative energy.