Facilities - Stella Mary's CBSE School


At STELLA MARY'S we guide students to discover and create their own understanding .Besides academics our co- scholastic activities form an integral part of the school curriculum this aspect includes wide range of co-curricular activities.



Drama is an integral part of a child's education as it enables the pupils to be expressive, creative, fluent and confident .The participants develop skills in oral language and all expressive mechanisms (Voice and bodily expression). Understanding in psychological, moral, physical and socio – economic and analysis of character (Analytic Skills) and learn the elements of stage craft and production. Dramatic Activities have surprising and unexpected results as they provide an endless amount of opportunity for students personal growth. They learn not only grammar and phonetics along with drama but also develop the power to transform the actors as well as the audience. They become imaginative, innovative and critical thinkers. In- short, the skills of drama help students to become the person that he or she wants to be .Inter- house one act play competition will be staged on different themes.


The club provides the students to pleasure, enjoyment and eepened awareness of themselves and their places, and their environment, community and culture. The students learn the techniques of oil colour painting, aquatic colour painting, glass painting, poster and logo designing etc. The aspirations for the coming year are to master the different techniques, prepare the students for making the decorative art work and paintings for exhibitions and make art pieces out of waste products.



Reciting the points aloud is not only an enjoyable activity but also results in enhancing the co-ordination of mind and the tongue. This ensures improvement in speaking skill by way of correcting the pronunciation of the words as the purpose is to speak the English language with perfection. Thus, hard tongues soften and soft tongues harden, depending on the words. Poetry reading is something that is not simple ,as it sounds it has rhythm , it has tongue twisters , there are emotions and mood changes the activity of recitation club are plan to engage the students in reciting poems on various topics. Thus exposing them to different types of poetry. The students also practice reading aloud from their favourite books. The students are also briefed about the poets and authors, so that they develop interest in literature. The club activities give amble opportunity foreach one of them to enjoy the hobby and practice and learn in a congenial environment.


The vision of IT department is to prepare the students for their future needs .We focus on making our students independent in handling IT equipment's by giving them hands on experience of Desktop publishing, Multimedia Presentation and Digital Art and then they contribute to the various school activities and events. The school organises various Inter- house competitions like moving making , collage making ,power point presentations etc to encourage and explore the talents of the students.


Many activities are conducted throughout the section to help them to realize the present day need to save environment and promote the idea of 'Afforestation'.Planting saplings, nature walks , collection of different types of plant, leaves , insects and building nest for sparrows . Children will explore through trucking.


Which is popularly known as the 'Magic cube' was created by Erno Rubik which is made up of nine colour squares on each side , can be rearranged in 43 quintillion different ways .In this Club students learn to solve the puzzles in the least possible time .There are many approaches on how to solve the Rubik's cube. All these methods have different level of difficulties, for speed cubers or beginners , even for solving the cube ,blind folded.



Our school are nurtured and encourage to develop an independent ideology, optimistic approach, enabling him or her to be effectively with demands and challenges of everyday life. Our faculty makes sincere efforts to motivate a child to think critically, analysing a given situation according to the level of the child.


Heritage club in the school is about discovering the culture and heritage of our country as well as other heritage around the world .Heritage club is also an attempt to understand all aspects that makes the identity of our Indian Civilization or any other Civilization in the world. The main focus of the club is on places of important of cultural and natural heritage as describe in the UNESCO world heritage convention , discussions, presentations and activities on world heritage sites . In India, important of monuments, buildings, churches , mosque ,tombs etc and their conservations . Awareness program on these heritage sites in schools are done to make the students understand how to protect and preserve our monuments and our heritage sites. Along with the discussion on these points, the students are encourage to visit heritage sites so that they can feel close and proud of their own country and its history.

The objectives of heritage club are

To understand how and what we are

To take pride on the unique diversity of India's cultural identity

To take care for the past so as to create a better future

To give an existing dimension to learning

Our clubs hopes to create awareness and the sense of belonging among students and inculcate in young mind feeling for heritage.

The heritage club programs are designed to involve students in various activities geared towards heritage awareness and education for learning a craft, museum Visits and conversation at home and at school.



ECO club is an important role in creating environmental awareness among the future generation. ECO club in our school helps the students in building attitudes to occur a set of values and feelings of concerned for the environment, and motivation for actively participating in environmental improvement and protection. The members of the club guide the students in keeping the surroundings clean and green. Use of plastic/polythene bags has almost going to stop. The Students and all staff members practice the minimum use of electricity. Wastage of water is prohibited .Special days are also observed.( Earth day ,Environmental day etc).

Poster preparation activities like planting saplings, making composed reduction of air, noise and land pollution is encouraged.


Science is an inseparable part of life . Human being are curious by nature. The curiosity of man unveils mysteries of nature.The process of observing , describing,exploring and using the physical world is nothing but science. Science is a body of knowledge is a method enquiry , a way of investigation , an attitude towards life. Each individual have their own talent interest and abilities.Self expression, independent research , constructive activities etc are some of the opportunities provided by the science clubs. Students can learn more through the activities and their own experiments and clarify general scientific concepts. The coordination between the classrooms and the science club help the students to complete their curriculum in a subtle way .Science clubs are sometimes considered as the backbone of the circular activities in a school. While actively participating in a science club , students organized thoughts an translate these into actions and their by develop zealous enthusiasm in the strike for the cause of scientific enterprise.



Social Science is a subject which offers a systematic study of man relation to the society the subject gives functional knowledge of history, geography, economics, civics etc in an integrated manner and inculcate such abilities, skills, attitudes and values that would help the children to become useful citizens of society. Social science club is an integral part of co circular activities. This club guides the learning activities which extend beyond class rooms. It helps to encourageintellectualcuriosity among the students .it provide the practical knowledge of the subject, it creates power for thinking and fasters imagination and creativity among the students. Club activities inculcate various demonstrative values and qualities like tolerance,equality, freedom and leadership among the children.